Green Shoots Community Climate Change Fund: Tree Planting in Priory Park, Warwick

Part of the historic Priory Park in Warwick is to undergo a tree re-planting programme thanks to Warwickshire County Council’s Green Shoots Fund.

The £1m Green Shoots Community Climate Change Fund is allocated by Warwickshire County Council and supports a wide range of small, community-powered initiatives across Warwickshire in addressing the climate change emergency.

The funding will allow the Friends of Priory Park (FOPP) group to undertake a tree planting scheme in Priory Park which will include:

  • The planting of 7 heavy standard lime trees, of between 3.0 and 3.5 metres in height (at the time of planting) in Priory Park.
  • Mitigating the visual impact of a significant new Medical Centre upon Priory Park and the loss of trees during that development.
  • Providing practical input into the National Curriculum and encouraging a wider understanding amongst school children of the importance of tree planting in helping to fight climate change

Beyond the biodiversity net gains of increased wildlife habitats, the 7 lime trees, when fully grown, will have the following positive environmental impact:

  • Remove an average of 147 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year;
  • Capture an average of 181 kg of harmful particulate matter from the air per year; and
  • Produce an average of 238 kg of oxygen per year.

Please follow this link to read the full press release from WCC: